Vintage Invincible
GSW 2008
by Rock
I often labor for hours of time fixing time … many times I must take time just to fix time.

Sometimes I must stop time. Or speed it up –and even slow it down. But most of all, I must balance time.

I am, after all, a master of time whose profession it is to save & restore time.

Speaking of the restoration of time, when I glance at my bench I observe a revelation of a time of past, a graceful and elegant time when man and woman observed time from the wrist; when time was something to invest in, to give unto others, to keep and to cherish.

The hair spring balanced heart of the 1960 41 Jewel Vintage Invicta, with its shimmering light golden dial and rich deep golden hands, its masterful Invicta logo in Red and Gold and the powerful words Automatic streamlined above the six o’clock marker, beats strongly. It sings with ticks of glee to be valuable, to be wanted, to be cherished, and to be cared for.

It works with endless toil for its master and will never deny time as long as it is cared for and worn on its master’s wrist. And when it occasionally sleeps, it can be awakened with a simple twist of its silver crown or a few twists of that same master’s wrist.

It needs not a degrading and polluting battery that will die unannounced –nor does it require sunlight, for it toils just as well in the dark as in the light.

It is strong and well balanced, its stunning, hand machined, gold plated and jeweled movement protected by an armored, glimmering, durable solid stainless steel casement; a casement that bears the hereditary and well bred line of it’s time keeper’s master’s master, Raphael Picard, who toiled in vision and design in a history of time keeping in 1837, from a place in time of time, La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland.

In its very name, INVICTA, roar the Nobility of the Caesar’s and the Battle Cry of the Legions of the INVINCIBLE of Rome who founded a time of the keeping of time that bred our very Civilization.

As long as master time keepers keep time telling time, and lovers of time embrace and cherish and adore and continue to collect and trade and share the times of past and present, the season of time will never end…